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The Ultimate Temporary Relocation Checklist

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When you are traveling for an extended period, living out of hotels can be expensive and draining. You’re relying on whatever is provided in a hotel room, and you’ll be eating out for every meal, even if you stay in.

Your better option for extended travel is to find a short-term furnished rental where you can live comfortably while you’re away from home. You’ll have all the space, furnishings, linens, and kitchenware you’ll need, and a management company to help you find anything you forgot.

However, whenever you are temporarily relocating, there are some essentials that you want to plan for. Stay on track with this ultimate temporary relocation checklist.

Pack Strategically

  1. Don’t overpack: A furnished rental will provide you with many of the things you’ll need for comfort. Avoid over packing by leaving anything at home that you haven’t worn or used in the last few months.
  2. Clothing: What is the weather like where you’re going? How long is your stay, and will you need to accommodate multiple seasons?
  3. Toiletries: Find out what is provided by the rental company, and then bring what won’t be there. Remember that you’ll have time to get to know where to shop and what’s available in your temporary home, so things like toiletries can always be quickly picked up if needed.
  4. Electronics: Bring your chargers and devices, but check with your rental company to see what else is provided. You’ll probably find speakers or an entertainment system and TVs, at the very least.

Get To Where You Need To Go

  1. Ship your stuff: Will you be flying with all of your belongings, or does it make more sense to ship them out ahead of time? When you’re staying at a short-term rental, your management company will be happy to make arrangements to get your belongings to where they need to go.
  2. Ground transportation: Are you renting a car for your stay? Do you have a way to get around to where you need to go? Get to know public transportation and rideshare options in your new home.

Decide What To Do With Your Permanent Home

  1. Cancel Or Pause Utilities: If you live alone and will be traveling for months, do you want to pay to keep the lights on when no one is home?

8. Sublet: If you can find a suitable tenant for the period you are gone, you’ll help cover the expenses of your permanent home and then some. However, you’ll need to be clear about what parts of your home are off-limits, and you’ll want to take steps to secure or store valuables, while adequately vetting any tenants.

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