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Is Renting A Furnished Apartment A Good Move For Students?

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One of the hardest parts of being a student attending school in a place away from home is that you need to find somewhere to live. Add in the fact that you’ll only be there for about nine months every year, and possibly just several years at that, and you may be wondering what options are available besides traditional rentals.

That’s where short-term student housing can save you money, frustration, and give you a comfortable home environment that allows you to focus on what you came for – your studies. Renting a furnished apartment has a number of benefits for students, and can help solve some of the traditional problems of living arrangements.

Forget the Furniture

Even if you find a cheap apartment to live in, you’ll need to furnish it. But do you want to ship home a bed, couches, a desk and any other furniture you’ll need to purchase? A furnished short-term rental, on the other hand, will allow you to save money on buying furniture and will give you less headache when it’s time to leave.

Agreeable Short Terms

You likely won’t have to sign a one-year lease for a corporate apartment, which means you’re not paying for the months that you aren’t there. By not being locked into a lease, that means you can take advantage of the flexibility of living in different locations, and the ability to leave when you need to. Get a great opportunity to study abroad for a semester? You won’t need to worry about finding someone to sublet or paying rent on two different places.

Flexible Locations

Many short-term rentals are also corporate apartments, which means they’re located in places of activity. You won’t need to figure out how to get to school, entertainment, or everyday shopping needs like you might if you were out in the suburbs.

Relocating for school is enough of a challenge, so make it easier on yourself by requesting a free quote today.


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