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How To Make A Corporate Apartment Feel Even More Like Home  

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Whether you’re traveling for business for weeks or months, staying in a furnished corporate apartment can feel more like home than staying in a hotel.

While your apartment will come with everything you need to live comfortably, there are easy ways that you can personalize your space to make it feel like yours. Most apartments won’t let you change too much or make adjustments like drilling holes into walls, but these simple workarounds will have you feeling even more comfortable in no time.

Decorative Pillows

If you’re the type of person who likes a colorful home, consider placing decorative pillows on couches or bedrooms that represent your tastes.


You’ll have basic linens provided with your rental, but if you have a favorite style or pair from home, bring those to make a simple change that you’ll appreciate every time you lay your head down at night.

Duvet Covers and Throws

A duvet cover can easily be slipped over the comforter provided and can change the entire look of a space. The same goes with throw blankets, which can be placed on sofas, chairs, and beds to add a little style while giving you a warm place to cuddle up when you need it.

Framed Personal Photos

Framed photos can be placed on any of the provided furniture in your corporate rental, and will make you feel closer to those who aren’t traveling with you. If you don’t want to ship a big box of framed photos, find a place in your new location that sells frames, and you’re good-to-go.

Easel-held Artwork

Changing artwork in a short-term furnished apartment isn’t an option, and you likely won’t find a management company that appreciates drilling holes in the wall. Instead, bring artwork from home, and place any larger pieces on a standing easel.


Your apartment will come with rugs or carpeting, but if you want to change the style, it’s easy by adding in a few strategically placed rugs that make you feel more at home.

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