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Long Business Trip Coming Up? These Techniques Will Help You Thrive  

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A long business trip is much different from living out of a hotel for a week. You’ll probably be living in a corporate apartment, complete with kitchen, entertainment, and furnishings – but that means you’re on your own for a lot of the time.

To thrive during an extended business trip, you need to start thinking of your temporary location as home. It’s important to get out and do the things you like to do, and also to find ways to feel like you’re not isolated.

These techniques are easy and adaptable to any situation and are sure to make you thrive during a long business trip.

Find Hobbies You Like

Are you a golfer? Pilates aficionado? Maybe you just like to go out and dance. Whatever it is you like to do, there is a way to do it on your business trip. If you are at a loss for where to start, try looking for local Meetups – you can search by interest, date, and location to find a like-minded community.

Bring Personal Items

When you’re staying in a long-term furnished corporate apartment, you won’t need to worry about basics like kitchen appliances or cleaning supplies, which means you can focus on bringing personal items that will connect you with home. Bring your favorite pillow, some books you like to have on hand, and anything else that will give you comfort.

Stay In Touch

The life of a business traveler can often mean meetings and events scheduled back-to-back, so it’s essential to make a schedule for regular contact with friends and loved ones at home. Use Skype or video chats to regularly see the faces of those who are most important to you.

Stay Healthy

Your furnished corporate apartment will have a working kitchen, so start using it. Don’t fall into the habit of ordering pizza or stopping for fast food on the way home, and instead, explore your neighborhood to find markets and grocery stores to stock your kitchen with healthier goods. You’ll feel better throughout your trip, and you won’t find it hard to adjust back to your life when you get home.

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