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How To Find The Right Short-Term Rental  

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Short-term rentals are useful in plenty of situations, whether you are waiting for your new home to be move-in ready, or you need a corporate apartment to stay in when traveling for work.

But how do you find the right short-term rental for your needs? With a little planning, searching, and mostly, by identifying the right resources that will help make things even easier.

Step 1: Your Plan

How long will you need temporary housing? Do you need to be in proximity to a workplace? If you can start by identifying the duration of your stay, the location you need to be in, and how much you have to spend, your search for short-term housing will be easier.

Step 2: Your Search

The earlier you can start looking for a temporary rental apartment, the better. There is quick turnover in many corporate apartment buildings, so it’s best to have your place lined up before the current occupants depart. Beyond that, if you’re going to be relocating or spending time somewhere wholly unfamiliar to you, you may want to visit and do research on what you’ll need access to when you’re there.

Step 3: Find Help

There are plenty of sites available these days that allow for short-term vacation rentals, but you don’t want to take any surprises by renting an unvetted place from someone online. Instead, working with a temporary housing specialist can get you access to more options, from fully-furnished luxury apartments to cozy spaces for a few-month stay. If you have any special requests, from finding a pet-friendly place to needing access to a printer, you’ll have built-in support and resources for the entirety of your stay.

Ready to get started on your temporary housing search? Finding the right place is as easy as requesting a free quote online.


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